Who We Are

Evangelical Church Based Youth Organisation

Campaigners Youth and Children’s Ministry is an evangelical, uniformed organisation for children and young people. The Movement is Christ centred, Church based and Christian led. Originally part of the wider Campaigner movement formed in London in 1922, CYCM is now an autonomous, interdenominational organisation in Northern Ireland. CYCM has an emphasis on spiritual matters but through a challenging programme of local activities and regional events also cater to the physical and social development of children and young people.

The name Campaigners is derived from the unique ‘Campaign system’ undertaken by the  Inters section of the organisation.

CYCM  is neither military nor political. It seeks by means of its various activities:

  • to develop, in the young people it leads, a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord
  • to bear witness to the need for Christian thoroughness in all the relationships of life; thus the Motto ‘UNTO HIM’ and the Password ‘THROUGH AND THROUGH’.

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