Primary 3 to Primary 6

Junos is the second age group in Campaigners, following on from Eagles.  It provides children with weeknight activities in a secure and supportive environment, offering a programme of Bible-based teaching, life-skills, games and fun for children in Primary 3 to Primary 6

The Timeline Bible teaching, written especially for Junos, takes them on a chronological journey through the Bible.  The material teaches and reinforces basic Bible truths, using stories, songs, games, prayer and memory verses.  The Bible teaching is a key element of each week’s programme and is supported by the Christian values demonstrated in the other parts of the programme.  A reproducible activity sheet is included with the teaching materials.

The Laurel Award is a scheme for teaching and training Junos.  It reflects their Password, ‘Mount Up’, and gives them a definite aim for achievement.  It helps children to develop spiritually, socially and physically, and to experience a wide range of practical skills.  The scheme recognises participation and effort and is achievable by all children attending Junos.  The scheme links with Campaigner programmes for other age groups, building on what they have already learned and laying important foundations for the future.

The structure of the weekly programme provides a framework that helps the children to feel secure, but also allows for flexibility.  There is plenty of scope for Juno Chiefs to tailor the programme to meet the needs of their particular group.