Primary 7 to Year 9

Inters is the third age group in Campaigners, following on from Junos.  It provides young people with weeknight activities in a secure and supportive environment, offering a programme of Bible-based teaching, life-skills, games and fun for children in Primary 7 to Year 9 in school.

Each young person is unique, individual, full of potential and made in the image of God. We believe that as they grow older and have to work through a series of transitions (including that from primary to secondary education), they require affirmation, equipping and teaching to enable them to make informed choices.

Since Campaigners first began working with children and young people, they have looked to develop the whole person.  Within the Inters programme the same three core values are found – Spiritual, Social and Service.

The Timeline Bible teaching, written especially for Inters, takes them on a chronological journey through the Bible.  The material teaches and reinforces basic Bible truths, using stories, songs, games, prayer and Bible verses.

The Coronet Award is a scheme for teaching and training Inters.  It reflects their Password, ‘Through and Through’, and gives them a definite aim for achievement.  It is the top award in Inters and its aim is to increase awareness of service, adventure and team spirit.  It recognises participation and effort and is achievable by most children attending Inters.

Service is an important part of the Inters experience and the young people are encouraged to give something back to the Church, the Clan or the Community.

CYCM is a church-based organisation, aiming to link children and their families to the life of the local church.  Children are encouraged to attend the appropriate Sunday activity for their age group, and to invite parents to their local Church events.