Age 4 to Primary 2

Eagles are the youngest age group in Campaigners, introducing children to weeknight activities in a secure and supportive environment. It offers a programme of Bible-based teaching, life-skills, games and fun for children aged 4 to the end of Primary 2.

Each child that we serve is made in the image of God (Psalm 139:13-14) – unique and full of potential. The very young children that come to Eagles are just beginning to form their concepts of the world and their place in it. It is a privilege to be preparing the foundation that can lead to future spiritual growth.

Eagles’ Clans include children from different backgrounds, with very different aptitudes and abilities and bringing varying experiences into the group. The programmes employed, comprising two core elements, enable every child to participate and achieve.

The Timeline Bible teaching, written especially for Eagles, takes them on a chronological journey through the Bible each year. The material teaches and reinforces basic Bible truths and values, using stories, songs, rhymes, prayer and memory verses. The Bible teaching is central to each week’s programme and is supported by many of the craft activities and games.

The Steps Award, an activity based scheme, helps younger children to develop spiritually, socially and physically, and to experience a wide range of practical skills. The scheme recognises participation and effort and is achievable by all children attending Eagles. The scheme links with CYCM programmes for older children, laying important foundations for the future.