Year 10 to Age 18

Craftsmen is the oldest age group in Campaigners, following on from Inters. Their programme offers Bible-based teaching, life-skills, games and fun for young people from Year 10 in school to age 18. As young people grow older they have to work through a series of transitions, including that from secondary to further education or the job market; and from family home to independent living.  They require affirmation, equipping and teaching to enable them to make informed choices. CYCM leaders can help by passing on skills and knowledge.  They can also support the young person to establish a secure identity, based on a set of personal values founded on the Christian faith, a feeling of self-worth and the ability to relate well to other people.

The Timeline Bible Teaching, written especially for Craftsmen, takes them on a chronological journey through the Bible.  The material is based on a Timeline which works its way through the Bible during the young person’s time in Craftsmen.   Not only is the Bible presented in a real and living way but the young people are challenged to think about how they can put it into practice in their everyday lives.

The Crown Award is the highest Award in Campaigners YCM.  The Award aims to help the young people to:

  • Take part in activities and take increasing responsibility for their own decisions.
  • Gain respect for themselves and others.
  • Develop positive attitudes to health and lifestyle.
  • Work as a team and build meaningful relationships.
  • Be aware of the needs of others and generate positive community action.
  • Identify their own developmental needs and make every effort to meet them.

Craftsmen also have the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. This is an international scheme administered by a management team at Windsor, England.  The Award is for all young people, whatever their background or ability. The criterion for the Award is individual improvement through persistence and achievement, taking into account the participants initial capabilities and without any element of competition between participants. Participation is entirely voluntary and each individual has a completely free choice in the selection of options within the four sections.