What We Do

Eagles Junos Inters Craftsmen

Our aim is to develop a personal faith in Jesus Christ in the lives of children and young people, to promote high moral standards and encourage the adoption of a thorough approach in all aspects of life. These aims are encapsulated in the organisations motto “Unto Him” and password “Through and Through”.

The overall ministry of CYCM is built on a child’s all round development, spiritually, socially, physically and practically.

Using age appropriate teaching and activities the Core Values are introduced and developed through the four sections within Campaigners. These sections are referred to as Eagles, Junos, Inters and Craftsmen. More information on these sections is available in the relevant areas of this site.

SPIRITUAL:  Through the Timeline Bible teaching resources and by Chiefs demonstrating God’s love in practical ways.

SOCIAL: Giving opportunity for children to develop appropriate relationships with one another and with the Chiefs and other helpers.   They will be encouraged to recognize needs and give appropriate help both within and outside the Clan.

PHYSICAL: The children are introduced to physical activities and games, which will help them to keep fit and teach the need to eat healthily.

PRACTICAL: The children are taught new skills which they can use and develop as they get older.

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